Enhancing patient data with market research to drive superior results in healthcare

Hospitals and health systems have access to a wealth of patient data, but market research is critical for interpreting that data from a patient’s point of view.

Central to insight-driven efforts is a consumer science known as psychographics that pertains to people’s attitudes, beliefs, values and personalities. It gets to the heart of consumers' motivations, priorities and communication preferences.

Experienced healthcare leaders know that being consumer-centric is more than shifting costs and granting patients more choice and options in their care. Consumerism means delighting patients and surpassing their expectations with personalized experiences so they want to come back when the time comes in which a hospital is needed.

Psychographics have been used for decades by consumer products manufacturers and retailers, which has conditioned consumers to have higher expectations regarding products and services. Healthcare leaders must learn to take a page or two from the "consumer playbook" and develop strategies that are informed by deep consumer insights.

This report covers:
  • The first Moment of Truth, when the healthcare consumer is "shopping" for a hospital and is making a decision on where to receive care services.
  • The second Moment of Truth, when the healthcare consumer experiences the hospital’s services.
  • Touchpoints that strengthen or detract from that brand experience.


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