How Deviceless RPM helps providers confidently transition to value-based care and improve staffing efficiency

Providers making transformational investments to succeed in value-based care often face the challenge of doing so while still generating revenue in fee-for-service (FFS). To bridge the two worlds, providers must prioritize strategies such as growing chronic care management (CCM) billing and automated tech such as Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

This case study features the journeys of four such Stratum Med provider groups that implemented Deviceless RPM as the catalyst to overcome staffing shortages while extending care to rising-risk patients and preventing avoidable utilization to generate shared savings.
  • Discover how Deviceless RPM strategies can increase staffing efficiency by up to 15x 
  • Learn from leaders at organizations in different stages of transitioning to value-based care
  • Discover how Deviceless RPM can lead to improved chronic conditions outcomes and financial savings

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