How hospitals + health systems can ease nurses' documentation burdens with tech

Nurses are leaving the workforce in droves with 800,000 expected to leave their roles in the next few years. This exodus is driven by retirement as well as key issues including high stress, COVID-19-related burnout, dwindling support staff and safety concerns.

If hospitals and health systems want to retain and attract nurses, they must reduce caregiver burden, enhance safety protocols, improve nurse well-being and remain patient-focused.

In this white paper, three nursing experts discuss the role new technology can play in addressing nursing-related challenges.

The experts include:
  • Annette Brown, BSN, RN, chief nursing informatics officer, Eisenhower Health (Rancho Mirage, Calif.)
  • Marianne Hatfield, RN, DNP, chief nursing officer, Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center (Marietta, Ga.)
  • Michael Williams, MD, chief medical information officer, UVA Health (Charlottesville, Va.)
Key takeaways:
  • Why documentation is a significant burden for healthcare staff — especially nurses
  • The importance of grounding efforts to unburden nurses in workplace safety
  • How new technologies are driving safer, more connected care and reducing caregiver burden

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