How patient-centric software is transforming expectations: Accounts from anesthesiologists and healthcare staff

In today’s digital landscape, anesthesia teams cannot document procedure details by hand or use AIMS software that doesn’t properly manage the entire perioperative encounter. These inefficient, outdated tools risk patient safety and can lead to staff burnout.

In this white paper, you'll learn about the perioperative AIMS software that led an anesthesia group in a Florida health system to success with EHR integration, mobile flexibility, and an intuitive user interface.

Discover the benefits through their eyes — from improved staff satisfaction, documentation, and patient safety to cost savings and streamlined OR processes.

Read more to find out how your facility could enable:
  • Automatic charting of patient vitals with wireless data streaming from anesthesia monitor machines
  • On-the-go documentation with a mobile tablet that allows for real-time patient check-ins
  • Improved patient safety and compliant documentation from pre-op to post-op and billing
  • Increased staff satisfaction within an understaffed workforce

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