Intelligent EHR automation: How 3 leading health systems are going digital for better patient outcomes

Is your digital transformation going as planned? We hear from many providers that their systems aren’t generating hoped-for levels of patient engagement.

Unfortunately, outdated interfaces turn customers away, which means more work for providers and administrators.

Health systems must look beyond basic EHR forms and cookie-cutter processes to get patients on board. The user experience is what matters. Winning organizations are using consumer-grade tech solutions that patients can navigate easily. As a result, they’re seeing fewer no-shows and higher patient satisfaction.

How do health systems with limited resources create user-friendly experiences?

In a new whitepaper, we look at how three health systems leverage intelligent automation to save time and increase revenue. Discover ways to reduce workloads by building intelligent automation into your existing EHR system.

We share how intelligent automation is helping health systems achieve:
  • 8 percent reduction in no-shows
  • 74 percent digital conversion rate
  • 51 percent increase in co-payment
  • 96 percent patient satisfaction rating

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