Optimize patient care + costs with digital utilization management

What would member satisfaction and business profitability look like in your organization if you could ensure patients consistently get the right care at the right time? When over- or underutilization occurs, the impact ripples to all patients/members and your business. Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) has modernized utilization management to ensure appropriate care. Find out how with digitalization, advanced analytics and evidence-based clinical guidance, and greater connectivity between health plans, patients and top medical specialists across the nation, independent clinical review has become the solution health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), third-party administrators (TPAs), government, and self-insureds can’t compete without.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how modern utilization management solves multiple challenges for healthcare organizations
  • Understand the keys to empowering patients and reducing unnecessary costs by ensuring appropriate care
  • Find out how modern independent clinical review works seamlessly with your organization to expand your capabilities 

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