The future of outpatient surgery: What clinical leaders should know

The last half century has borne witness to a new paradigm in healthcare delivery. What was once unimaginable — namely performing surgery anywhere other than the hospital — has become commonplace. Today, more than 50 percent of surgeries are performed in outpatient settings, including ASCs and hospital outpatient departments. 

Despite the growth in outpatient procedures, challenges remain. Barriers to the continued expansion of outpatient procedures include differential payments for various sites of care, inadequate compensation for preoperative patient optimization, competing hospital priorities, and inequities in patient access.

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview on current trends in outpatient procedures and what  healthcare organizations must do to remain successful in the future.

Key learnings:
  • Current and future regulatory and financial trends 
  • Key considerations for shifting procedures to lower sites of care
  • How benchmarking tools can provide guidance

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