The latest on COVID-19 testing and treatment: One-page snapshots summarizing research on 10 key COVID-19 topics

As COVID-19 continues, with new variants emerging, the amount of new research and data about COVID-19 testing and treatment is overwhelming, making it hard for clinicians to keep up.

This new e-book provides brief snapshots — one page each — summarizing the latest data and insights on important COVID-19 topics.

Topics include:
  • Research shows Paxlovid cuts long COVID-19 risk
  • Pediatric cases of COVID-19 jump
  • How telehealth can increase access to Paxlovid
  • Updates from Pfizer on boosters and a combo vaccine
  • How pharmacists delivering vaccines lower healthcare costs
  • The growth of new variants
  • The impact of COVID-19 on gut bacteria and infections
  • Data on COVID-19 and flu coinfections
  • Updates on future COVID-19 vaccines and treatment

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