Transforming clinician onboarding: How tech can streamline the journey + drive efficiency

Having a seamless onboarding experience is vital to start clinicians off on the right foot and set the stage for employee retention — yet most hospitals lack a unified strategy to bring together the many departments involved, making the process unwieldy, time consuming and costly.

An onboarding process can take up to six months and cost up to $300,000 per clinician, and the cost of losing one nurse is estimated to be $52,350. It's imperative for healthcare organizations to streamline clinicians' onboarding and hold on to them once they're up to speed.

This white paper details how an automated and seamless onboarding process can be a strategic differentiator and free up clinicians to focus on what really matters: patient care.

You'll learn:
  • What parts of the onboarding process are frustrating for providers
  • Why efficient onboarding is vital for employee retention, patient care and finances
  • How to create a unified, seamless onboarding process through intelligent automation

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