Unleash precision oncology with customized clinical decision support

The combination of rapidly evolving cancer treatment guidelines and constant FDA approvals and label expansions for new cancer treatments makes it difficult for cancer centers to keep up with the latest best practices for cancer care. With more treatment options comes more complex decision-making, leading to decision fatigue for clinicians who are trying to keep the most current information top of mind when choosing treatment plans for patients. On top of this, the increase in therapeutic options puts new demands on administrators responsible for achieving financial and operational goals.
With customizable clinical decision support, cancer centers can:
  • Equip clinicians with evidence-based medicine, clinical research, and site-specific preferences at the point of care
  • Streamline clinical and pharmacy workflows with clinical decision support embedded directly into the electronic health record (EHR)
  • Standardize the delivery of high quality care across cancer center sites and patient populations
  • Drive financial success by capturing and reporting payer-required data elements

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