Unseen risks & untapped rewards of mobile medical equipment: How strong MME management can reduce financial waste and infection triggers

In a typical healthcare facility, hidden pockets of waste hinder operations, patient safety, and profits. Much of that waste stems from mobile medical equipment. Altogether, MME exceeds 90 percent of all clinical assets in a hospital, ranging from IV pumps to enteral feeding pumps, fluid warmers and more. Inefficiencies in the management of MME can pose infection risks for patients, waste employees' time, and cost healthcare systems' money.

Learn how Catholic Health System in Buffalo, N.Y., eliminated waste and cut these risks by leveraging an MME management program. This case study outlines how the health system used data to track equipment and accurately forecast utilization needs to ensure the right equipment was clean and ready for use when and where it was needed.

Key learning points:
  • The improvements Catholic Health System saw in equipment utilization, cleanliness, and safety
  • How the health system leveraged the program to increase staff satisfaction and face time with patients
  • Lessons learned for successful adoption of an MME management system


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