Clinician burnout report: 92% of clinicians believe burnout is a 'public health crisis'

Each year, it seems the burden clinicians carry gets a bit heavier — the weight of administrative tasks increases, meeting patient needs becomes harder, and the only staples in the industry seem to be uncertainty and rapid change.

More than 470 clinical staff participated in Spok's 2019 clinician burnout survey. Read about their perceptions of clinician burnout and how their organizations are working to tackle it.

The survey revealed:

  • 92% of clinicians called burnout a “public health crisis”
  • 90% believe increased and ineffective technology contributes to risk of clinician burnout
  • 65% say they are prevented from seeking help because their organization lacks resources


Download today to also learn:

  • The role of technology in clinician burnout
  • What measures clinicians believe will help
  • How organizations are responding


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