Collect Millions with ERISA Recovery’s proven proprietary appeals process

The current healthcare revenue landscape presents many challenges, with reimbursements declining as expenses continue increasing.

Costly write-offs remain a problem for many hospitals and practices. This is especially the case with commercial claims, which are marked by denials and complicated, labor-intensive appeals.

Claims appeals through the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act process can help healthcare organizations mitigate loss without straining resources. ERISA Recovery's experienced staff specializes in ERISA law, helping clients collect on aged claims without upfront costs or undue burdens on their systems.

ERISA Recovery's new white paper offers an in-depth look at this topic, with a focus on:

    • How focusing on denied, aged commercial claims can improve revenue
    • Why ERISA appeals are the ideal solution for such claims
    • How ERISA Recovery operates, without impacting existing processes
    • How ERISA Recovery collects on aged claims going back up to 10 years
    • How all appeals are handled stateside

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