Cloud migration simplified: Strategies to optimize enterprise imaging performance

Monday, October 18th, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Now more than ever, cloud migration is vital to Enterprise Imaging for its cost efficiency, enhancements to patient care, and ability to reduce complexity in IT environments.

C-suite leaders and clinicians alike need the ability to quickly access healthcare data when and where it is required, without a complex interface. Cloud migration should be a staged, evolutionary process which allows your organization to capture value at every step along the way while reducing the total cost of ownership.

By moving imaging to the cloud, organizations are able to integrate multiple EHRs, centralize the explosion of patient data, and share data digitally with clinicians at any location and any time—while protecting the security of personal health information. During this expert discussion, you'll hear how to move forward with strategies to optimize your organization's performance.

Key learning objectives:

  • Define a strategy that determines if your organization is ready to move to the cloud
  • Understand establishing security for imaging data and shared responsibility for protecting personal health information
  • Determine next steps your organization can take toward cloud innovation


Michael Philips Headshot - Patrick Josellis

Mike Philips, MD

Mike Philips, MD, Managing Partner and Director Intermountain Ventures, directs business development and venture investment. He brings new technology and businesses to Intermountain Healthcare to improve the lives and health of caregivers and patients. Prior to that Dr. Philips was a clinical neuroradiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and director of business development in the Cleveland Clinic Imaging Institute.

Archie Mayani (1) - Patrick Josellis

Archie Mayani

In her role as chief product officer of Enterprise Imaging, Cloud Solutions at Change Healthcare, Archie Mayani leads global teams building next-generation cloud-native clinical and workflow solutions. Previously, she served as the head for Product and Content Operations at Amazon and as the senior director for Medicaid for Optum Population Health Management.

Steve Holloway

Steve Holloway

Steve is Executive Director & Principal Analyst at Signify Research, a global healthcare technology market intelligence firm based in the UK. Steve has 13 years of experience in market intelligence, advisory and consulting to leading healthcare technology clients, having served as Senior Analyst at InMedica (part of IMS Research) and Associate Director for IHS Inc.’s Healthcare Technology practice. His areas of expertise include enterprise imaging and the medical imaging informatics ecosystem, medical imaging hardware markets and the broader clinical and preclinical informatics sectors.