Consumer Data and Engagement Experience: Bridging the Gap at UPMC

Monday, December 6th, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

To better serve consumers pre- and post- pandemic, UPMC deployed new tools and technology enabling their organization to navigate uncharted waters by accelerating digital transformation. A key part of their strategic approach has been around using actionable data insight to better inform their consumer communications, understand their needs, and personalize messaging based on preferences and interactions across channels. With data-first infrastructure and marketing campaigns, UPMC can deliver real-time omni-channel communications that build trust, and keep consumers engaged and known across the entire digital ecosystem no matter where they interact or access services in their care journey. Because UPMC’s roadmap and vision to optimize consumer experience has always been embraced, consumers of all age groups and types are realizing benefits from consistent, deliberate tailored journeys with information and messaging that consider their expectations and unique healthcare requirements.

In this webinar, you will learn how UPMC is accomplishing its highest consumer engagement priorities:

  • Understand how optimized communications are improving healthcare interactions and delivering relevant wellness information
  • Hear examples of how data informs internal and external stakeholders to deliver seamless consumer experiences and frictionless interactions across the digital ecosystem
  • Understand why a data-first approach is a critical strategic component and meets expectations of today's savvy healthcare consumers


Lindsey ODonnell - Abbie Engel

Lindsey O'Donnell

Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing Integration, UPMC

Christine Lesniakowski - Abbie Engel

Christine Lesniakowski

Senior Manager, Audience Activations, Digital Media and Strategy, UPMC


LC Phan

Regional Vice President, Enterprise Healthcare, Salesforce