Consumerism Is Here: The Art & Science of Acquiring New Patients

Acquiring new patients in today’s environment is more competitive and tougher than ever. Healthcare consumerism is here to stay, and it takes focused and strategic efforts to be successful. This white paper takes a deep dive into the following:

  1. What is healthcare consumerism and how is it changing patient acquisition?
  2. Understanding the art and science of getting the right message in front of potential patients.
  3. What makes a successful brand, and how do you create it?
  4. I now have the right brand strategy. How do implement it?
  5. Using science and data to determine your media channels.
  6. Track, measure and optimize: Always making data-driven decisions to succeed.
  7. Rewards of augmenting traditional patient acquisition strategies with a direct-to-consumer strategy that drives top-line revenue and bottom-line profits.
  8. Creation of a patient acquisition model that you fully control and own.