COVID-19: What we've learned and are planning for next in the Lab Supply Chain, Hospital Labs and Patient Blood Management 


  • Real-time updates on the current state of business from the perspective of organizations, departments and individuals on the ground, working through the impact of COVID-19
  • Insights into early perspectives around what we’ve learned navigating this pandemic to-date, from leaders managing through lab supply, lab operations and blood management issues
  • Understanding specific gaps identified in the lab supply chain, hospital laboratory operations and blood supply, and how we’re working through each
  • Forecast of what we know we need to start planning for post-pandemic relative to lab supply chain, lab operations and patient blood management
  • Highlights of what hospitals and health systems should be doing now from experts working on the ground, and as partners, with the hospital laboratory during COVID-19

April 16 @ 12PM ET
COVID-19: What we’ve learned and are planning for next in the Hospital Laboratory

Moderator: Joe McGann, Vice President, Laboratory Operations, Accumen
Panelist: Ian Noga, Lab Director at Sentara Healthcare
Panelist: Connie Wilkins, Lab Director at CHI Nebraska
Panelist: Carol Sheets, Past Director of Laboratory and Hospital Services at HCA; Lab Administrator, Accumen

Lisa Norcia, Director - Regional Operations, Accumen

April 22 @ 12PM ET
COVID-19: What we’ve learned and are planning for next in Patient Blood Management

Moderator: Joseph Thomas, BSN, RN, VP/GM Patient Blood Management, Accumen
Panelist: Carolyn Burns, M.D., President-Elect Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM)
Panelist: Eduardo Nunes, MPP, CAE, Vice President, Quality, Standards & Accreditation AABB
Panelist: Alvaro Candel, M.D., Medical Director, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare