Cybersecurity in Health: Using a trusted cloud solution to help ensure data is managed, protected, private, and compliant

Discover how health organizations are using Microsoft Cloud solutions to protect your patient’s data from unauthorized disclosure, theft of records, and ransomware.

Too many organizations don’t realize how sophisticated cyberattacks have become. Hackers are no longer mischievous high school kids hiding in their parents’ basements. They are well organized, with tools in their arsenals that include easily obtainable software development kits—complete with product support. Yet, based on security reports from Kaspersky, Experian, Verizon, Mandiant, and others, organizations remain remarkably vulnerable.

Microsoft protects customers through both secure development and secure operations practices, going beyond certification requirements with an Operational Security Assurance framework and dedicated cybersecurity teams. Microsoft’s approaches are based on decades of experience building enterprise software and running hundreds of thousands of servers in datacenters around the world that deliver more than 200 online services to more than 1 billion customers and 20 million businesses in 88 countries.

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