Debunking myths about archiving legacy systems

Archiving legacy systems is often postponed because the project seems too cumbersome or costly. Yet the inherent risks of aging systems are considerable, and consequences are even more costly. Healthcare data breaches represent 45% of all incidents and cause substantial financial burdens, at nearly $6.5 million per breach.

With the OLAH Enterprise Archiving Solution™ (EAS), organizations consolidate access to legacy data with less time, costs and resources than traditional methods. Find a 2 minute video introduction to OLAH EAS at

This white paper debunks three common myths with these truths and insights.

  • Legacy system failure is a major threat for data breaches, exposure and expense.
  • Archiving legacy systems can be done with greater cost efficiencies, little disruption and shorter transitions.Aging legacy systems are a significant compliance and security risk.

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