A path to make scalable, consistent revenue part of your DSO practice model

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience.

Dental practices that aren't offering membership plans to all uninsured patients in 2023 are falling behind: Patients are left with barriers to treatment, while group practices leave consistent, reliable revenue on the table. 

During this session, Dan Crawford of Kleer will share first-hand experience on how membership plan technology has effectively bridged the gap between enterprise needs and patient care. 

Attendees will learn about: 
  • Real practice data that measures patient behaviors and practice performance across fee-for-service, PPO,  and membership plan patients 
  • Improving patient access to care in a way that increases practice production and profit
  • Creating a system that produces reliable and predictable monthly income while improving core KPIs (i.e., visits, treatment, production)


Dan Crawford headshot - Sydney Mason Cropped

Dan Crawford

Enterprise Sales Manager, Kleer