Capitalizing on consolidation: Why dental entrepreneurs need to act now

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Dentistry will reach up to 70% consolidation in approximately five years, meaning dental entrepreneurs have a shrinking window of time to capitalize on the wealth-building opportunities available. 

Join us for this expert session where we will delve into trends behind the surge of institutional capital in dentistry, and the implications of acting now versus waiting until the wave of consolidation ends.  

Key learning points:
  • An overview of market trends and why institutional capital is incredibly interested in the industry at this time

  • Waiting vs. acting: Recommended steps dentists can take now to get the most value out of their practice

  • Tips for dental practice owners to successfully navigate consolidation 


Kyle Francis - Primary - Somer Sinnard

Kyle Francis

Founder & President, PTS

Stanton Kensinger - Primary - Somer Sinnard

Stanton Kensier

Lead Broker, PTS