How to build a data-driven DSO

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience. 

Collecting data is the easy part — analyzing and implementing insights from it can be more difficult.

Hear from five industry leaders at top DSOs and multi-location groups on their data strategies, including their data infrastructure and how to improve the patient experience.

Questions to be answered:
  • What can leaders of multi-location organizations do to simplify this process and better support staff and patients?
  • What advice would you offer leaders at DSOs or practices that might be in the nascent stages of implementing a data-driven strategy?
  • In your opinion, as dentistry continues to become more data-driven, how will this affect patients and the industry at large in the future? 


Kara Gray - McKenzie Patrick - McKenzie Patrick

Kara Gray

Product Manager, Solutionreach

Scott Dever - McKenzie Patrick

Scott Dever

CIO, Gen4 Dental Partners

Rich Palumbo - McKenzie Patrick - McKenzie Patrick

Rich Palumbo

VP Marketing, Marquee Dental Partners

Sonya Zak - McKenzie Patrick - McKenzie Patrick

Sonya Zak

COO, Zak Dental

Brad Bryan - McKenzie Patrick

Brad Bryan DMD,

VP Clinical Operations, Benevis