Post-disruption defense: How to safeguard healthcare operations in the era of cyberattacks

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Recent cyberattacks sent shockwaves across healthcare, disrupting operations for thousands of providers. Delays, financial losses and limitations on patient treatments highlighted the vulnerabilities within the industry's infrastructure. Despite efforts to recover, many practices are still grappling with the lingering cash-flow impacts.

In this webinar, healthcare leaders are coming together for a crucial discussion aimed at addressing these challenges head on. Join us as we delve into strategies to mitigate risk and prevent the potentially catastrophic consequences of cybersecurity breaches in healthcare.

Our expert panel will tackle three of the industry's most pressing issues:
  • Ensuring seamless operations amid mergers & acquisitions and disparate technology
  • Strengthening compliance frameworks and safeguarding sensitive patient data
  • Diversifying revenue streams and enhancing financial resilience to combat overreliance on single processes for cash flow



Brian A. Colao

Director, DSO Industry Group, Dykema


Mike Peluso

Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Rectangle Health

Gary Salman

Gary Salman

CEO, Black Talon Security