The #1 Way to Accelerate DSO Growth (Without Spending More Money)

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With nearly half of Americans delaying oral care due to economic constraints and an estimated 15 million set to lose Medicaid benefits, dental practices nationwide will likely face an increase in price-sensitive patients.
It's easy to think that you'll need to attract a higher volume patients or acquire new locations to sustain growth — when in reality there are thousands of patients in your database whose potential has yet to be unlocked.

In this webinar, you will: 
  • Discover why healthcare organizations and fast-growing dental enterprises are embracing the subscription economy (which grew five times faster than the S&P 500.)
  • Explore a solution to increase patient satisfaction, improve health outcomes, and sustain interest in continued care.
  • Examine the benefits of diversifying your revenue and expanding your competitive market share




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Dan Crawford

Enterprise Market Manger