Design & Operationalize Your Bundled Payment Program: 

Three ways to accelerate from concept to execution 


Bundled payments are the fastest growing payment type with projected growth of 6% over the next five years. While the concept of a bundled payment is deceptively straightforward, first movers in the practice and ASC market have found that moving from concept to execution is incredibly complex. Regent Surgical Health understands the nuances, the stakeholders, and the plethora of moving parts. Their new white paper is a primer for physicians and ASCs to understand where bundles are today and to help those interested accelerate through the learning curve to get to speed with the market.

Key learnings include: 

  • Closing the knowledge gap 
  • Negotiating a bundle
  • Identifying key stakeholders


The paper, Design & Operationalize Your Bundled Payment Program: 3 Ways to Accelerate from Concept to Execution, is available for download now.