Developing a Payor Collections Strategy: Increase Reimbursements and Offset Patient Collections Underperformance

As more and more patients sign up for high deductible healthcare plans, patient obligation increases for providers of all types. But are patients keeping up with their bills? Research suggests that they are not. What are the risks of centering your collections efforts around patient obligation? And what are the alternatives?

Learn more about benefits of developing a robust payor reimbursement strategy and how it can offset underperformance in patient collections. This whitepaper outlines trends in patient collections, the current reimbursement environment, best practices to optimize payor reimbursements for both in- and out-of-network claims and how technology and outsourcing to experts can dramatically impact the financial side of your business. Learn how you can ensure your patients are able to continue to utilize your services and how to provide an excellent patient billing experience.

This whitepaper will help you:

  • Determine your return on investment for payor collections vs. patient collections
  • Understand the steps required to put together an effective payor collections program
  • Develop a clear strategy to manage payor denials, delays and underpayments across claims types
  • Understand where technology, data and workflow can most effectively be leveraged to increase success and reduce costs

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