Digital patient access, intake and engagement: Delight patients, grow your bottom line

Consumers expect the same online conveniences from their healthcare providers as they do from retail giants like Amazon or travel industry leaders like Expedia. Add increased safety demands amid COVID-19 and price transparency rules advocating for a better patient financial experience, and change is inevitable. The time is now to embrace fully integrated digital patient access, intake and engagement — to delight patients and grow your bottom line.

Download this e-book to learn why implementing a single, integrated digital patient access, intake and engagement platform is critical to improving patient and staff safety and satisfaction while increasing net revenue.

Download this e-book to learn:

  • Why integrating digital patient intake and engagement with patient access is critical for enabling consumerism while protecting hospital revenue as patients assume more administrative tasks

  • What digital solutions hospitals can implement to give patients the experience they expect while reducing costs and increasing net patient revenue

  • How tools like online pre-registrations, digital check-ins and virtual waiting rooms increase safety for staff and patients and how digital forms, OCR technology and eSignatures expedite registrations

  • Why utilizing digital engagement tools such as appointment reminders and alerts, bidirectional texting and mass communications ensure your patients and their families or caregivers stay connected and informed throughout care

  • Why delivering out-of-pocket cost estimates and convenient payment options improves the financial experience for patients and helps you collect more pre-service revenue


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