Digital transformation for population health: Empower clinicians, improve outcomes and optimize reimbursement with intelligent automation

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in population health continues to surge as health systems increase risk-based contracting in response to new incentives created by private and public payers. As a result, leading health systems have turned to intelligent automation as a way to empower their care coordinators and clinicians to identify and engage more patients in need of care, drive patient action, and measure the ROI of their efforts.

This whitepaper walks through 7 proven use cases for improving population health program impact by automating manual and repetitive workflows, and outlines best practices for automating population health workflows.

Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • How intelligent automation can eliminate repetitive tasks for clinicians, and enable them to practice at top of license
  • Why common approaches to population health technology, such as implementing digital nudges for clinicians, often fail to realize expected impact
  • How to avoid increasing administrative burden on clinicians through the introduction of new population health technologies
  • How to automate the identification and engagement of patients with open care gaps
  • Best practices for optimizing HCC coding workflows to ensure appropriate value-based reimbursement

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