Dispelling USP <800> myths: A logical approach to staff safety when handling hazardous drugs

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

New USP <800> standards highlight the need for healthcare facilities to protect clinicians from exposure to hazardous drugs (HDs). Compliance with USP <800> and associated standards might feel overwhelming as facilities decide how to update standard operating procedures. In this webinar, we will dispel some common misconceptions about USP <800> and provide a framework to help healthcare facilities approach compliance with confidence.

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Learn how to interpret key excerpts of USP <800> from industry experts
  • Unravel common myths and misconceptions that create confusion for healthcare workers and managers
  • Get expert advice about how to develop a logical approach to achieving compliance with USP <800>



Final Aug. Webinar Canva

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, please register and the recording will be emailed directly to you following the live webinar.