Disrupting Healthcare's Legacy Approach to Staffing: How collaborative methodologies can lead to improved outcomes and a healthier bottom line

An innovative staff scheduling methodology is emerging in healthcare, and reinventing how hospitals and health systems leverage their most valuable resource – their employees – to achieve better outcomes including; more satisfied employees, reduced labor costs and, ultimately, improved quality of care and patient satisfaction.

This new approach, called Collaborative Staffing, reimagines traditional staffing practices and offers new solutions to long-standing problems. The Collaborative Staffing model is being leveraged by many leading healthcare organizations to drive down labor costs and optimize staffing processes.

Download this report to understand the research demonstrating how Collaborative Staffing improves the efficacy, efficiency, and organizational outcomes associated with staff management. The analysis aims to detail the power of this staffing and scheduling paradigm, and exemplify how it benefits financial health, staff, and patients for hospitals using this model.