Doing versus Being: UAB's Journey to the Future of Patient Centricity

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All organizations may not share the same definition of patient experience but they all want to deliver increased patient value and create a differentiated brand in healthcare. How do you get there? What does it require? How do you initiate a cultural shift and a transition from benchmarking to the voice of the patient with a focus on human centered design?

Join UAB’s Chris Brainard, Sr. Director of Patient Experience and Engagement, and Kristi Roe, Head of Healthcare Experience at Medallia, for a discussion about UAB’s journey to building a patient-centric culture. Chris shares UAB’s 5 Strategic Steps, including aligning patient experience as a strategic initiative, and designing the strategy with voice of the patient, plus key takeaways you can put into action and begin your journey to being a patient experience organization.


kristi roe - Katie Hare

Kristi Roe

Head of Healthcare Experience, Medallia

chris brainard - Katie Hare

Chris Brainard, FACHE

Sr. Director of Patient Experience and Engagement, UAB Medicine