Uncomplicate patient engagement: 5 best practices

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CT

Healthcare financial engagement is complex. Siloed data and disparate systems are not only complicated for your IT teams to manage, they cause gaps and confusion in the patient experience. To drive better outcomes at a lower cost, engagement solutions must be uncomplicated to inspire action. In this session, we'll demonstrate best practices and real-world examples of how to: integrate systems, use precisely the right channels that work, tailor payment options to patient needs, unify the patient experience from end-to-end, and make it easier for patients to engage with your healthcare organization through analytics and automation that delivers tailored experiences at scale.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • 5 best practices to uncomplicate engagement
  • How these techniques benefit patients and your teams
  • Customer examples where these techniques have driven results (yield improvements, reduction in no-shows, payment acceleration, cost savings, patient satisfaction and more)



Kristen Jacobsen

Kristen Jacobsen

VP of Marketing and OmniChannel Engagement