Winning the patient access game: 7 ways provider groups can deliver more for less with centralized scheduling

Despite long wait times for appointments, most health system executives are aware that provider capacity is often underutilized. Our experience suggests that as much as 10 to 30 percent of appointment slots go unfilled each day. Providing timely, consistent and convenient access to patients in outpatient care settings is an increasingly important differentiator for provider groups as they navigate the need to drive patient loyalty, competitive differentiation and operational efficiency at the same time.
In this whitepaper, we have identified seven best practices to optimize care access that support meaningful results without overly standardizing provider utilization.
Learning objectives:
  • Understand the most common patient access process obstacles and challenges
  • Learn how to measure each access point and determine how to increase profitability
  • Learn best practices to optimize patient access, scheduling and physician engagement


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