Don't Lose Your Patients: Why incomplete data is damaging patient experiences and compromising brand loyalty

Consumers navigate almost every industry from the comfort of their computers and phones, with just a few taps and clicks. Yet the healthcare industry has always been the exception. Historically, patients have passively relied on primary care physicians for recommendations on all aspects of care and referrals because they have not been empowered to direct their own care. But this is changing.

The consumerization of healthcare is a paradigm shift—and leading healthcare provider organizations have to shift with it. Having complete and trusted patient data is foundational to your success in this consumer-directed world.

In this white paper, readers will learn:

  • How progressive provider organizations are adapting to the consumerization of healthcare
  • Why accurate and complete patient data is the foundation to consumer-centric healthcare— and why it’s challenging
  • How to leverage next generation patient matching innovations

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