Driving clinical and financial outcomes with AI-powered, proactive CDI

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Improving clinical documentation integrity (CDI) is a strategic necessity for healthcare organizations as it impacts far more than optimized claims processing: an accurate and complete clinical record supports patient care, quality outcomes, compliance, risk management and revenue integrity. Additionally, driving clinically-focused CDI helps not only improve clinical documentation quality but also to get the complete medical picture of the patient, for better clinical outcomes.

Taking a closed-loop approach to CDI by leveraging advanced natural language understanding (NLU), healthcare organizations can effectively bridge workflow silos with shared clinical intelligence across front-end physician and back-end CDI processes. This enables them to meaningfully engage clinicians in the CDI process, prioritize and automate work for CDI specialists (CDIS), and improve overall clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

In this session, healthcare leadership can take away actionable steps on how to:

  • Effectively engage physicians in quality and reimbursement initiatives by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to bring proactive CDI concepts to physicians in real time and within their EHR documentation workflow to reduce gaps in care and retrospective queries.
  • Focus on not just getting the right ICD-10 code but also capturing the right clinical condition of the patient with the right severity of illness (SOI) and risk of mortality (ROM).
  • Drive patient outcomes with encounter-based clinical reasoning that also reduces the burden on clinicians by avoiding later rework and on CDI teams by finding missed opportunities.
  • Utilize a clinical and condition-based approach to looking at clinical documentation with a large NLU content library to address a range of medical conditions.
  • Close the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity with workflows that enable CDIS to effectively interact with physicians and increase query response rates.



Kaitlyn Crowther

Chief Product Owner, CDI, 3M Health Information Systems

Kaitlyn Crowther is a Chief Product Owner at 3M. She received her RHIA from the University of Pittsburgh. She now works with CDI teams across the country applying cutting edge technology to their workflow in order to optimize efficiency and opportunity.