Driving hospital pharmacy performance in the era of COVID-19: How to save millions while saving lives

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CT

The phrase “new normal” is often used to describe the changing landscape of healthcare in the era of COVID-19. Hospitals and health systems nationwide are challenged to meet this crisis with an effective strategy that supports their future success — one that prioritizes the safety of their patients and staff while enabling clinical, operational and financial excellence.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, one of the nation’s largest outsourced pharmacy management service providers, will explore how outsourced pharmacy services allow healthcare leaders to leverage deep resources and skilled services to become “agents of change” in this new normal. A trusted outsourced pharmacy partner not only positions caregivers to save lives by providing robust support, but also reveals opportunities for healthcare leaders to improve revenues and cost savings at a time where many facilities are experiencing lackluster bottom-line performance.

Chuck Ball, Division President, and Gentry Hughes, Executive Vice President, will explore challenges and opportunities facing inpatient pharmacy operations while exploring how the changes brought on by COVID-19 can be addressed to ensure success in this new era.

Attendees will examine the opportunity for improved financial, operational, and clinical performance at a high level while learning how performance measurement, purchasing, regulatory performance, antimicrobial stewardship, telepharmacy, and specialty and ambulatory pharmacy all combine to create a value-driven CPS product offering. They will also explore instances of improved bottom-line performance that CPS has provided for their clients.



Chuck Ball

Chuck Ball

Division President, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

gentry hughes

Gentry Hughes

Executive Vice President, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

Charles Fogle_CPS

Charles Fogle, Pharm. D.

Vice President, Clinical, SolutionsComprehensive Pharmacy Solutions