Drug and disease information resources during COVID-19 & beyond

While COVID-19 is radically impacting the healthcare industry, pharmacists are also being impacted in unexpected and evolving ways. Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals turn to pharmacists to deliver rapid and accurate medication guidance, including dosing, drug interactions, and therapeutic substitutions. An increase in critical patients, medication shortages, and rapidly evolving data add pressure on pharmacists, in addition to the rest of the healthcare team.

Listen as Dr. Tina Moen, IBM Watson Health Senior Deputy Chief Health Officer & Chief Pharmacy Officer discusses the impact on pharmacists in the midst of this crisis and explores what the future may hold. Dr. Moen will also present the resources developed by IBM to address COVID-19 healthcare challenges now.

Learning points:

  • Understand how the pandemic is impacting pharmacy and what a post COVID future might entail
  • IBM Watson Health is here to help providing COVID-19 resources and support
  • Dynamed and IBM Micromedex with Watson is a new all-in-one solution that provides comprehensive evidence-based insights to help accelerate clinical decisions and improve efficiency at the point of care



TMoen266-web_headshot - Abbie Engel

Dr. Tina Moen

Senior Deputy Chief Health Officer & Chief Pharmacy Officer

IBM Watson Health

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