Electronic charge aggregation: The key to streamlining central billing office workflow

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CT

Many health systems that use a central billing office model — specifically, those that have to collect, process and reconcile professional charges from different EHR, departmental and charge capture systems across the enterprise — have a time-consuming problem on their hands. Absent an electronic solution, the labor required to aggregate charges across a large, complex provider organization can involve adding multiple FTEs to the central billing office.

An electronic charge aggregator, however, automatically imports charges from disparate systems throughout the enterprise, and matches each charge with a clinical note for the coders to audit. From a single dashboard, coders can validate and scrub all charges with notes reconciled, securely message providers with inquiries, and add/edit charges. The return-on-investment realized from incremental billings and time savings can be profound: one multispecialty group practice recently saw a 28-percent increase in the number of charges generated over a four-month period as a result of a retrospective charge-note reconciliation exercise, representing incremental billings of approximately $2 million.

In this session, attendees will hear from representatives of PatientKeeper and several provider organizations, and learn how electronic charge aggregation:

  • Streamlines charge collection by the central billing office
  • Enables charge-note reconciliation and edits to ensure charge accuracy and completeness
  • Maximizes revenue



Stella Deych-Hendrickson

Product Manager, PatientKeeper


Greg Dineen

Project Manager, Finance Systems, Tufts Medical Center


Lydia Dollar

Director, Revenue Integrity, Baystate Medical Practices


Elizabeth Lindsay

Director of Special Projects, HCA Parallon