Elevating Sustainable Healthcare Practices

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Healthcare plays a vital role in human well-being, yet its impact on carbon emissions is significant and frequently underestimated. Recognizing this challenge, The Joint Commission has launched the Sustainable Healthcare Certification program for U.S. hospitals and critical access hospitals. This program provides a structured framework to guide leadership and governance in setting priorities and developing skills to minimize waste and carbon footprint.

Seattle Children's is a trailblazer in adopting innovative strategies to reduce anesthesia-related emissions. Leveraging electronic health record (EHR) data in AdaptX, the hospital dramatically reduced anesthesia-related emissions by 87%, equivalent to 500,000 kg of carbon dioxide annually. These improvements yielded substantial cost savings, exceeding $175,000 per year, without compromising patient outcomes. Following Seattle Children’s success, a multi-institutional quality improvement consortium, Project Spruce, was launched, targeting a 50% reduction in anesthesia-related greenhouse gas emissions across 12 participating hospitals.

Watch to learn:
  • The significant impact of healthcare on carbon emissions and the importance of embracing sustainable practices.

  • How The Joint Commission's Sustainable Healthcare Certification program guides hospitals in waste reduction and carbon footprint reduction.

  • Seattle Children's innovative strategies and use of EHR data led to an impressive 87% reduction in anesthesia-related emissions.

  • How Seattle Children’s success sparked an international quality improvement initiative, Project Spruce.


Chad Larson - McKenzie Patrick-1

Chad Larson

Executive Director, Hospital Accreditation Program, The Joint Commission

Elizabeth Hansen - McKenzie Patrick-1

Elizabeth Hansen, MD, PhD

Pediatric anesthesiologist at Seattle Children’s, Assistant Professor at University of Washington, Founder of Project Spruce

Dan Low - McKenzie Patrick

Dan Low, MD

Chief Medical Officer at AdaptX, Pediatric Anesthesiologist at Seattle Children’s