Eliminate paper-intensive processes for good: How a health system enhanced its EHR with mobile electronic consent

Taking notice of the high costs related to their informed consent process, Springfield Medical Center (pseudonym) – a large health system located in the South – decided to split with the status quo.

Building off their past success with their electronic signature technology partner, the health system turned to a mobile electronic consent solution to create a more streamlined, reliable, and consistent informed consent process to enhance their EHR.

You’ll Learn:
  • How a paper-based informed consent process can negatively affect patients and staff, and put your system at legal and financial risk
  • The benefits of a mobile informed consent process and the ability to address issues mentioned above
  • The ways in which a mobile informed consent solution can enhance interoperability and streamline clinician workflows
  • How Springfield Medical Center utilized their database of procedures to implement one standardized form for electronic consent, with the ability to quickly and easily customize the form per procedure to include associated information, risks, and benefits.


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