Endoscopic infection control: A new way to avoid device-related infection

Now more than ever, health systems and regulators have had to heighten their focus on infection control and patient safety.

In the last three years, the FDA has released several updated safety recommendations regarding the potential for cross-contamination in endoscopy — first addressing duodenoscopes but now including other endoscopes.

A new, highly anticipated update to standards for reprocessing reusable endoscopic medical devices classifies flexible endoscopes as "high-risk," necessitating sterilization rather than high-level disinfection to rid the scopes of contaminants.

As increased attention is paid to infection control in hospitals, investments in single-use technology have surged. In this new report from Ambu, you will learn how sterile, single-use flexible endoscopes offer hospital systems the opportunity to provide every patient with the safest solution possible for routine, therapeutic, and emergency care.

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