Evidence-based optimization: A look at Cone Health's journey to reduced mortality and cost savings

Greensboro, N.C.-based Cone Health realized $6.2 million in annual savings from updating just two of their EHR order sets (sepsis and heart failure) with the latest evidence, according to a recent study spearheaded by Cone Health's Executive Director of Health Economics Monica Schmidt, PhD.

"The most exciting part of the study is that we know our patients are having better outcomes," Dr. Schmidt said. "We know that our system is going to remain sustainable because we've been able to provide decreased cost of care, while at the same time improving our patient outcomes.”

In this brief report, you can dive into Dr. Schmidt's data and find:
  • Steps to understand the influence of order set optimization and mortality, length of stay and variable direct costs across the health system
  • Tools used to perform an evidence-based gap analysis on existing EHR order sets
  • Benefits Cone Health and its patients experienced because of order set optimization

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