From reactive to proactive — Why digital-first patient engagement is a must for healthcare in the 2020s

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The widespread use of convenient digital technology outside of healthcare is influencing patient expectations. Patients want their care experience to be as convenient as their experiences with banking or online retail. This means hospitals' engagement strategies must become more proactive, relying more on digital technology to both reach patients outside of the hospital's four walls and streamline their experiences once they enter a facility.

The need for proactive and digital-first patient engagement has been made more urgent by COVID-19. Providers need ways to communicate directly with patients to address hesitancy and ensure patients get the care they need. In this webinar, you'll learn how to proactively engage patients in their preferred mode of communication, efficiently and optimally schedule services, and meticulously manage resources and schedules — in real-time — to transform the patient experience.



Scott Dwyer

Business Development Director of Healthcare in the West Region for PowerObjects

Duane Napier

Business Development Director of Healthcare in the East Region for PowerObjects