Exceed Price Transparency Compliance and Combat Staffing Challenges with a Modern Digital Patient Experience

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As hospitals across the country work to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, new priorities are taking center stage—like staff shortages, price transparency compliance rules and patient demands for an intuitive digital experience. Join this expert panel discussion to learn strategies your hospital can use to meet price transparency compliance and combat staffing challenges by enhancing the patient experience. 

We’ll start the conversation by unpacking proposed price transparency rules and offering solutions for avoiding fines and exceeding requirements using accurate price estimates patients can trust and delivering a digital experience that patients expect. From there, we’ll discuss how leading hospitals are mitigating staffing challenges by offering patient self-service pre-registration, digital front door and one-touch payments to shift administrative tasks to patients and create a consumer-centric healthcare experience that enables patients to take control of their healthcare while increasing pre-service revenue.

Key learning points:
  • Illustrate how to avoid government penalties by exceeding price transparency compliance rules using automated processes for patient access and engagement 
  • Create a framework to generate accurate estimates of patient out-of-pocket costs and collect more revenue with one-touch payments 
  • Explain how automating digital patient access, intake and engagement technology on one platform improves efficiency, alleviates staffing challenges and enables patients to participate in their healthcare experience 
  • Identify the technology needed to systematically predict and prevent errors that ensure data integrity as patients assume administrative tasks traditionally handled by staff



Deonne Henry

Vice President Revenue Cycle, Magnolia Regional Health Center


Brianna Miller

Vice President of Revenue Cycle Consumer Access, AdventHealth


David Peterson

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, AccuReg

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