Executive Compensation Considerations Post Tax Reform

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been signed into law, including provisions affecting executive compensation for tax-exempt organizations.  This Executive Compensation considerations Post Tax Reform webcast will provide information on which employees are subject to the employer-paid excise tax on remuneration in excess of $1 million and/or “golden parachutes” (i.e., who are Covered Employees” and what compensation is included)?  We will also discuss the tax’s impact on affiliated entities, how deferred compensation, SERPs, and other large, one-time payments are covered.  The majority of our time will be spent discussing planning opportunities and what tax-exempt employers should be considering in order to ensure that your executive compensation plans are structured in a way that supports your mission.

Specific points we will address include:

  • What actions should tax-exempt employers be taking now with respect to identifying current and future Covered Employees and projecting potential future excise taxes?
  • There is no “single solution” that is applicable to all impacted tax-exempt organizations – our experts will discuss the pros and cons of various approaches used and being considered by our tax-exempt health care clients
  • How and what should be communicated to your various stakeholders regarding the potential excise taxes?



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