Experts weigh in: 2024 healthcare and life sciences data + AI predictions

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Artificial intelligence is changing how we live and work, and its potential impact across the healthcare and life sciences industries will be far reaching. From leveraging generative AI to improve operational efficiency and shifting from reactive to predictive management to accelerating drug research, healthcare and life sciences organizations are finding creative ways to realize the value of data through AI across all aspects of their businesses.

Join this discussion with healthcare and technology thought leaders as they share important opportunities, strategies and predictions for AI. 

You will learn:
  • Key data and AI trends for healthcare and life sciences
  • How organizations should think about their data foundation and AI strategy


Jesse C. Photo - Sydney Mason

Jesse Cugliotta

Global Industry GTM Lead of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Snowflake

Joe W - Sydney Mason

Joe Warbington

Industry Principal, Healthcare at Snowflake

Patrick - Sydney Mason

Patrick Kovalik

Industry Principal, Healthcare at Snowflake

Todd - Sydney Mason

Todd Crosslin

Industry Principal, Healthcare & Life Sciences at Snowflake

Lisa - Sydney Mason-1

Lisa Arbogast

Industry Principal, Life Sciences at Snowflake

Murali - Sydney Mason

Murali Gandhirajan

Industry Field CTO, Healthcare at Snowflake

Harini - Sydney Mason

Harini Gopalakrishnan

Industry Field CTO, Life Sciences at Snowflake