Fast Antibiotic Susceptibility Results - A New Standard of Care

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT 

The failure to adopt new evidence-based medical technologies and/or procedures can result in malpractice even before such evidence is regarded as customary in the industry, particularly when the advancement results in substantial benefit to the patient.  Loss of effective antibiotics is a growing concern that imperils the health of everyone and has resulted from the overuse and unnecessary dosage of broad spectrum drugs that are not specifically targeted to the needs of a particular patient.  The availability of evidence-based technologies that can provide the foundation for an effective antibiotic stewardship program which rapidly and specifically addresses the needs of each particular patient will result in improved outcomes, reduced costs and liability, and will preserve the effectiveness of these precious drugs for current and future generations.  

The webinar will provide the following objectives:

  • Understand the concept of evidence-based medicine and potential malpractice exposure for the failure to adopt evidence based technologies/procedures
  • Understand the importance and criteria for development of an evidence based antibiotic stewardship program (ASP) that meets the standard of care
  • Identify potential risks and liability (based upon prior case law) for failing to prevent and/or properly and promptly treat an HAI
  • Advocate why fast antibiotic susceptibility technology not only meets the standard of care but makes financial sense from a cost benefit analysis based upon current regulatory penalties and incentives


Nassof Headshot.jpgRuss Nassof
Executive Vice-President
Risknomics, LLC