Close the labor gap: A discussion on hospital pharmacy emergency preparedness

Emergency situations create demands for increased service levels in hospital pharmacies and often cause unexpected staffing gaps. In addition, pharmacists may suddenly be faced with new responsibilities, such as supporting makeshift healthcare facilities, at-home patient care models to free on-site hospital beds and preparing new dosing regimens.

Alternate pharmacy models that maximize off-site resources to support on-site providers can help hospital pharmacies ensure quality service, as part of their business continuity plans.

Join us for this complimentary podcast to learn how your hospital pharmacy can best ensure seamless coverage and increased services during emergency situations.

Podcast Benefits:

  • Hear about different approaches that hospitals are taking to prepare for emergency situations
  • Learn how alternative pharmacy models are supporting pharmacies
  • Review examples of changing compliance requirements with pharmacy regulations


Interested in learning how alternative pharmacy models can supplement your hospital or health system’s teams during times of emergency and other peak demand? Contact us for more information.


Kelly Morrison

Kelly Morrison

Director of Remote and Retail Pharmacy Services, Cardinal Health