600+ US hospitals at risk of closure: How execs are reversing that trend

Monday, November 6th, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT 

Rural hospitals are shutting down at a concerning rate, and more than 600 are currently at risk of closure.

Many of the financial solutions proposed by regulators aren't working. As hospital execs assess their options for staying afloat, they're navigating air-tight technology budgets — even though technology is often what's needed to achieve efficiency and cost savings.

During this panel discussion, health system leaders will discuss these headwinds, current approaches to technology in finance, barriers they're facing and how they're balancing severe financial risks with the need to innovate. 

Learning points:
  • How to prioritize day-to-day needs and long-term strategies.
  • How to keep innovation top of mind during short-term challenges.
  • How to lessen the impact of financial struggles on care delivery.




C.Frazier (1) (1)

Crystal Frazier

Implementation Manager, Multiview

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Mellissa McAvoy MBA, CPA

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Millinocket Regional Hospital 

griffey-jennifer (1)

Jennifer Griffey

CFO, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

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Bill Pack

CFO, Conway Regional Health System

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