A 3-pronged approach to boosting productivity among patient access services teams

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Rampant burnout and workforce shortages remain drivers of productivity declines that, by some estimates, cost the healthcare industry $200 billion. Providers are faced with a critical challenge of combating employee exhaustion while increasing operational efficiency.

This is a daily challenge in patient access services, where engaged staff are critical to enhancing patient experience.

Join the conversation as our subject matter experts discuss how to alleviate staff stress and strengthen proficiency by evaluating and implementing best practices to streamline processes in patient access services, and review ways technology is involved in employee and patient engagement improvements.  

Key learning points:

  • Evaluate various patient access services processes to identify slowing productivity and deliver supporting evidence of delays to stakeholders
  • Best practices on reducing manual work in patient access services processes
  • Guidelines to proactively think outside of the box and find ways for emerging technologies to complement and/or enhance current patient access services strategies


Sears,Maryann Headshot

Maryann Sears

Leader, Patient Access Service Line, Cognizant RCM

Kerkhoff Nikki Headshot

Nikki Kerkhoff

Principal Product Manager, TriZetto Provider Solutions